Rustic View Farm was established in 1989 in the beautiful Baraboo Bluffs in Wisconsin and is home to our Morgan horse herd. Dean is an equine veterinarian and I stay home and manage our horses, dogs and on occasion, our grandchildren.
We raise quality Morgan horses that are show, sport, and family friendly. We have weanlings, yearlings, started  prospects, and finished show horses. Our Morgan bloodlines are some of the best! Mizrahi, Serenity Masterpiece, Futurity French Command, CCRs Outrajus Corajus, Noble Flaire, Whispering Whammunition, just to name a few.
If you are in the market for a new horse, we invite you to browse our sales list.
What makes our horses stand out from the crowd? Our horses are fed a  quality feed and a vitamin-mineral supplement that was formulated by Dr. Dean Meyer-Equishine. From the very start, even while in utero,  our horses have been fed Equishine to ensure adequate growth and optimum nutrition, consequently our  foals are born with straight legs and are healthy, giving them every advantage for performance down the road. If you would like more information on Equishine and additional products offered, go to www. drschoicesupplements.com
Sincerely, Dean and Wendy Meyer

Our Morgans

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Rustic V’s Golden Essence

Sired by Amberfields Luminescence and out of a Whispering Whammunition Daughter, Whispering Wait And See, she is 2 years old and shows natural ability to excel in the western division. She’s big, pretty and smooth bodied.

Mares and Foals